Damian Eads, PhD


I am a seasoned principal-level engineer with a deep understanding of ML fundamentals and software engineering, bolstered by a deep systems background. Though LLMs and Deep Learning came into vogue after my PhD (2011), I am familiar with the foundational work on which these approaches are based.

Interested in high-powered teams at the forefront of AI training and inference as a research engineer or software tech lead for all levels of maturity from clean-sheet R&D to production software. The breadth of my experience includes start-ups as early employees or founders (founded Wise.io - sold to GE, 1st engineer at Drone - sold to Harndess, early engineer at Voltron Data - raised $120m seed), large companies (GE), government research (Los Alamos), and academic (postdoc, Cambridge University).


  • 2022-2024, Senior Principal Engineer at Voltron Data: Developed a user-defined function module for a distributed GPU SQL engine called Theseus to enable users to run their own code in a distributed query.
  • 2020-2021, Volunteering: Volunteered on the ground for education, food security, and civil rights causes during a sabbatical.
  • 2012-2019, Founder of Wise.io (WSJ article): Created the early ML framework for the machine learning application startup Wise.io, later acquired by GE.
  • 2012, Postdoc at Cambridge University: Performed research in 3D computer vision.
  • 2011, First Engineer: Created a pre-Docker container system for Drone.io, a continuous integration service, which was sold to Harness.
  • 2011, PhD in Computer Science from UCSC, specializing in boosting for object detection.
  • 2007, Founded scipy.cluster and scipy.spatial.
  • 2001-2010, Researcher at Los Alamos National Lab: Developed computer vision software for satellite data processing.


  • Languages: C++ (Modern C++, C++20), Python 3, Go
  • Tools: PyTorch, TensorFlow, ONNX
  • Fields: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning

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